Hi Blog, Meet Stella

It is almost sad how long it has taken me to share my little bean with my blog. If you don't follow me on Instagram you may not know that two months ago I added a new member to my family - my Stella girl. I bought her on a trip to New York (in a pet store... I know, I know) but since then she has been the BEST addition. I often catch myself staring at her and asking myself "how did I get so lucky?". She is the sweetest tempered most loving snuggle bug I could ever ask for. That being said not every second is rainbows and butterflies (note the missing eye on my fluffy keychain and the endless white fur on ALL my black clothes) but we are learning how to live together every day. As I type this her head is on my leg watching me work I just am smitten. Welcome to the blog Stella bean! 

P.S. I totally am THAT person and made her an instagram too so if you are inclined you can give her a follow too ;)


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