How He Asked


It has been two weeks since Jon got on one knee and I said yes, and even as I type out this post I can’t help but stare at my ring and tear up at these pictures. The love story that is Jon and I’s relationship is another post, but it all led us to December 23rd - here is that story….

We started the day off by sailing in Tulsa with Jon’s friend Rob and Rob’s girlfriend plus Jon’s brother Michael and his girlfriend Gabby. We were mostly floating due to a lack of wind but I was truly just enjoying the day. After a few glasses of wine and a couple hours on the sailboat it was time to head back home and I was EXHAUSTED. I fell asleep in the car on our way back to Jon’s parents house and I had one thing on my mind - a nap.

Quick intermission to remind you all that in this moment I truly had ZERO clue this was happening on this trip to Tulsa or even in the next few weeks - this is evident in the next few events and my lack of painted nails/general care about my appearance. Alright back to the story.

When we got back to the house around 4:30 I knew there wouldn’t be any serious plans for making a move towards an activity until dinner therefore I had plenty of time for my nap. I grabbed my Stella out of her kennel and jumped into bed. Jon walked upstairs and started insisting we take a walk - again guys I reallllllyyyy wanted to nap. I put up a bit of a back and forth on this nap situation but eventually I could tell Jon really wanted to walk for some reason ?? and I gave in.

The Tulsa Rose gardens are a short walk away from Jon’s family home and a place that we really have loved visiting whenever we are in Tulsa. Once we got to the building holding all the cool plants Jon started getting weird and made us walk around to the back of the building - turns out there were a few people standing around and he didn’t want to get on one knee with a crowd (don’t blame you Jonny).


When we walked back to the front of the building he stopped me and in his face was either a heart attack coming or this was it. And holy crap you guys I realized this was it and I was SHOCKED and so happy and so overfilled with love in this moment for everything. I am so lucky to have Jon and Stella as my little family and to have said YES to marrying the love of my life.


Jon’s sister Erica was hiding out to capture these pictures and I am so grateful she did - this is my new favorite day. I can’t wait for the future and for more “yes” with Jon forever and everrrr. Who wants to hear about the ring next? Jon did SOOOO good with the help of Kaeleigh from the Diamond Reserve - post to come!!


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