Insta Lately

Hello my blog friends I have missed you! I have been crazy busy with school and haven't had time to sit and write a proper post the last two weeks (I like to schedule posts and you have been reading those!) While I haven't been shooting for the blog a lot I have been doing tons of instagramming so I want to catch you up on where you can find the information I am talking about and what I am wearing! Follow me here (@emmawlker) to stay up to date on alllll the fun.

I will talk to you guys next week after I come back from Tulsa and MEETING Thomas Rhett! SO EXCITED

SO excited that Denver has a new music festival! You can find more information on Grandoozy here! Also this is one of my favorite dresses - it comes in four colors and is seriously affordable.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 8.48.02 AM.png

My friend Sam (@Samtrab) came to visit me this past week and we had so much fun! I took here to all my favorites spots including Vail, Union Station and Red Rocks. This sweater is one of my favorites and actually hot pink from H&M but is sold out so I link my other favorites below!

Walking around Red Rocks during the day was actually something I had never done. I normally go for concerts (and if I am being honest these stairs after a few drinks are WAY easier than sober... ) I love this jacket wear it almost everyday (as I type this it is hanging on the back of my chair) Jon got me it from a vintage store for Valentine's Day so it is extra special to me! I found some similar styles below. You can shop my favorite workout shoes here

Last but not least did you know that Kroger (King Soopers by me) offers delivery?! It is life changing to get groceries delivered. You can find more info on it here