Ladies... Read This.

The following is sponsored by Summer’s Eve®, however the opinions are my own


I have a little secret and I am ready to share with the world… for years Summer’s Eve ® has been asking questions (even the uncomfortable ones) so that they can continue to evolve and help women to feel more confident and fresh. I was always curious about product designed for women and women’s health… down there and recently was able to try out these three Summer’s Eve ® products!


The jury is in and I really like them! The Simply Summer’s Eve ® line is free from dyes, parabens & alcohol (which is super important when being aware of what is going on your body and sensitive areas). The main reason I use them is because they do not disrupt my natural PH! Have you guys tried their products before? I am loving the coconut line! They are the new part of my everyday routine.


Thank you so much for introducing me to these products Summer’s Eve ® and converting me to taking care of every part of me!


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