Mental Health Resources


I wanted to compile my favorite mental health resources for you guys that I use or think could come in handy when dealing with anxiety, depression or a number of disorders. Obviously, this list could have 100 more items on it and is by no means complete but I stand behind all of these as a big part of my treatment. If you or someone you know is in a mental health crisis please call 1‑800‑273‑TALK. To get general information and local treatment centers call 1‑877‑SAMHSA7.


  • The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook
    • this is a great tool if you don't know where to start or don't have the means to be able to attend therapy. I own this version as well as one specific for anxiety
  • The Four Agreements
    • I read this as part of my treatment program and LOVED it. Life. Changing. (getting it on audible this month!)
  • 10% Happier
    • I actually listened to this on audible and was blown away. It is a perfect mix of humor and advice from the least likely source to give insight into mindfulness. 
  • Rising Strong
    • My mom gifted me this book when I first went to college. This is something I believe everyone should read - mental health struggle or not. Plus Brene Brown kicks ass.


Online Resources:

  • Mental
    • a go-to for questions, phone numbers and articles
  • Sanity Break
    • a bunch of articles written for people with Anxiety and Depression
  • HealthyPlace
    • they divide their blog posts by specific illnesses!


  • Audible
    • I mentioned it above but it is where I listen to audiobooks. I listen to them to fall asleep if I am feeling extremely anxious. I also find it comforting in the car when my mind can wander! It makes you turn off the thoughts and focus on a storyline.
  • Stop, Think, Breathe
    • I try to meditate every day and if I can't every day I at least have a go to when I am feeling trigged. This app puts me in a mindful space that melts my anxiety away. You can also track your moods before and after using their guided mindfulness which I LOVE.
  • Think Up
    • This is great for my morning walks with Stella. You can record things you want to remember and remind yourself such as "I can do this" and it plays them back with calming music. It really works wonders.
  • I Can Be Calm
    • If I really can't fall asleep I will turn this on. The voice of whoever records these is seriously soothing. You can also use this app to work on specific things such as positive thinking or dealing with headaches. 

Like I said before this is by no means everything but this is a list that I LOVE go-to and USE!