Something To Look Up To


Last week I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Bill Coors: The Will To Live. I felt inclined to write my next mental health post on this topic because the movie left such an impact on my heart.

The film told the story of Bill Coors and his struggle of finding himself and ultimately loosing the will to live only to persevere and find alternative methods of coping with the challenges life brings. It ultimately led him to give a speech in which he proclaimed the 11th commandment to be love thy self. Not only was it relevant 50 years ago, but sitting in the halls of the theater it echoed through my whole being.

All around me I was surrounded by people. People 50 years my senior and my peers, but throughout so many moments of the movie I would look around and see everyone nodding in agreement, because at the end of the day Bill Coors was the perfect example that no matter where we come from, how we live or how we feel - we are all human and on some level face the same hardships. 

Bill describes a wave of grief that came into him after being rejected and the first feeling he said he felt was shame. Wow that that stick out to me. I can think of so many times that the first feeling I have after a panic attack is shame. Bill and myself have nothing to be ashamed of - we are human and we aren't alone.

The film had so many lessons and moments of affirmation for me but a big take away was just having someone to look up to. Bill Coors didn't let stress and depression and SO much hardship in his life take away his life. Ultimately it led him down a path to persevere and seek how anything he could to help himself. Bill found solace in working out and meditation which is something I have found as a gift in my life. 

So I guess what I am saying is thank you. Thank you to Bill Coors for giving me a - "me too" - moment so many times and for the producers and makers of the film for sharing a story that so many people need to hear. I never thought I would need someone I admired for their struggles but it was exactly what I needed.

You can watch the trailer for the film here: