3 Trends to Try This Weekend

Happy almost weekend all! I hope you made it through the week! I am in the middle of more big life changes and I hope to fill you all in soon, but for now I have a fun post ahead of us! Lately I have been VERY inspired on my instagram feed. I started muting people I felt like I had to follow and really just made it a very fun and calming place to go to! Since doing that I have saved lots of outfits I wanted to recreate and these were my three favorites!! Shop everything you need to pull them off for less than $100 below!

P.S. Happy August! - so crazy to be saying that



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Nordstrom Anniversary SALE Picks

Happy almost weekend! I debated writing this post but asked you on Instagram and you all voted ‘YES’ so here we are! I know there is quite the conversation in the blogging community about the Nordstrom sale. It seems that there are influencers on one of two sides. Either you are leaving the store with 10 bags and doing story try ons (I wish!) or you are on your stories saying it is overhyped. I think I stand in the middle. I love Nordstrom because I do think they have a great variety, but yes this sale can be Christmas for bloggers.

Want to know the tea on why? We make commission off most of these links. And on anniversary sales Nordstrom will pay out up to 10% on each sale! Most of the links bloggers (at least myself) share are affiliate links so it is NOT just for Nordstrom or this sale, but when designer items that never go on sale do and you get someone who bought a $1,000 purse it can be big bucks!


Another insider secret is that some of the bloggers you see purchasing lots of items in store will return it after their stories - why I say go for it! As long as they aren’t wearing it out I don’t see the harm. My final “secret” is one I actually use and there is nothing that says you can’t! I often shop with my own affiliate links to get money back which is another reason bloggers can spend so much at the sale because they will not only be getting 10% back on their purchases, but assuming their followers purchase as well they can make almost all the money back and essentially have these items for free! Plus when fall comes they can link to the items and continue to ear a commission.

So that’s the “tea” and that being said… I went on the Nordy site and have some of my picks below. Instead of thinking about what would give me the most commission or what y’all would want (sorry) I just went ahead and picked out ONLY items I would buy myself! So have fun, be safe out there during the sale and remember that bloggers worked their butts off for these posts and to be nice!!

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Instagram Lately

Hi guys! I am working on shooting new blog content this week so while I have a lull of things to share I wanted to give details on my Instagram looks I have been sharing lately! Lots of items are on sale or selling out quick so don’t wait on these! I am headed to LA tomorrow again for the day and it is going to be exhausting but so fantastic. I love the new position I have at work - it really has brought my mood up so much knowing I get to go into work and do what I love. Hope you are having a good week! XO

I just bought this hat on sale from Lack of Color! After wearing the ivory rancher TO DEATH I had to get something new in my collection. I have bought cheap hats every other week and realize now that it is 100% worth the investment to go for these caps!

I am ashamed of how much money I spent on this bag to use it so little. If you are looking to invest in a Gucci piece go for their leather NOT velvet unless you want to be too scared to take it anywhere due to a 2% chance of rain…

The infamous Ivory Rancher hat that I feel like everyone has but I don’t even care because it is seriously the CUTEST ever and fits so well - I have a pretty small head so I wear the small in Lack of Color

Finally wanted to share this one because I have gotten SO many questions about these shoes. They are from Reebok, a great price and not lying great walking around shoes - don’t like them more than my workout shoes to do a full workout in them but I do really love them for everyday wear! THEY ARE ON SALE TOO!

And finally some bonus items I just bought that don’t have images of or shared on my IG story!


Sales to Shop this Weekend

You guys! I miss talking to you on here. Life has been a bit CRAZY to say the least. I was promoted very unexpectedly at work to basically a dream position buying and managing the cutest boutique but that includes more hours and some travel. I also found myself deep into the end of my quarter where I had to start studying for finals while preparing to leave for Austin for a week! PHEW just typing that I am really tired - in between that I still have a second job and a third with this blog (but this one is my fav don’t worry!). I am sitting at the airport headed home to a nice snowstorm as we speak and I wanted to share a few sales going on this weekend and my favorite picks!

I will be back Monday with a video and Mental Health post! Enjoy the weekend xo

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