5 Ways To Stay Organized in a Small Space

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Thank you PBdorm for working with me on this post! Storage under my bed has become a problem.. see images below (yikes!). Since moving into my own apartment a year ago I seemed to have collected more and more "things" and just shoved them places they don't belong. You can shop all my new items below.

Under bed storage bin // Sheets // Fringe Pillow // Skull Pillow // String Lights // Throw Blanket

^^ Before!

Since living in dorms and apartments over the past few years I have picked up a few tricks on how to stay organized in your small space!


1)     Use storage bins

In any small space it can be tempting to keep bins away as they seem to take up extra space, but in reality you will be happy you have them! They help separate out items such as sweaters and workout clothes and are great for under the bed storage


2)     Get Creative

Like I mentioned above under the bed storage is a great place to keep out of season items or extra items you may not need to access everyday! Store them in bins like mine from PBdorm to keep it looking cute yet functional


3)     Declutter

This can apply to sentimental items you hold on to but especially clothing. I like to stick to the rule that if I haven’t worn it in the season it is intended for it has to go! Small spaces often mean small closets so stick to what you know you wear and love.

4)     Have a place for everything

The enemy for small spaces is the junk corner or drawer that becomes a drop zone as soon as you get home from class or work! This falls with tip #3 because if you can’t find a home for it do you really need it? Finding a place and sticking to it for things like bags and extra charging cables will keep you organized and give you less to clean on the weekend!


5)     Don’t Be Afraid to Decorate

This isn’t a organizational tip but I remember how many of my friend’s didn’t want to decorate their dorm because they weren’t living in it for very long. I believe the more you make your space feel like home the more you will want to keep it clean and organized because you will find yourself spending time there! Wherever you are you can make it feel like home with a few special touches such as fun sheets or string lights.



Finally my most requested video... an apartment tour! PLEASE know that this is not bragging but rather sharing how I decided to decorate and where I found my items (mostly for a good price at Target or Amazon!!) Let me know what else you want to see from me!


Decorating My Apartment for Fall for Under $20!

FALL! LEAVES! PUMPKINS! I am so excited to decorate my cute little place for Fall but I didn’t have a lot of money to spend so to the Dollar Tree I went! Watch how I got my whole apartment cozy for fall for under $20! Have a great week guys xo


How to: Decorate Any Space with Small Accents

       Last week I showed you how I styled my new jewelry from Crystal Joys Co (you can find that post here) and today I am sharing how they inspired me to re-vamp my space with accent pieces. Just adding a few new touches really changed the look of my space - especially my new T.V. console! My style is very laid back but I love bohemian accents like crystals and succulents. I tried to link as many items as I could with the pictures but there will be a full apartment tour coming soon! YAY! 

Bookshelf Ikea // Bookends Crystal Joys // Marble tray Wayfair 

[ Tip: Ikea is a great place to find simple pieces like this bookshelf! ]

Succulents Target // Coasters Chrystal Joys // Dog bed Target

[ Tip: "Pot" succulents in baskets for a cool and laid back feel ]

Money Jar Ankit // Crystal Lamp Crystal Joys // Candle slate Crystal Joys

[ Tip: These frames were from the dollar store! I just spray painted them gold ]

[ Tip: Stack books and magazines instead of standing them up ]