How to Survive: Anxiety in College

I wanted to write a post about how having anxiety and depression in college has affected me! For those of you who want to know more (hi new readers! Thanks for stopping by) head over to my mental health page here where you can hear the rundown of my full journey up to now!

Ok, now that you are caught up lets get into what having a mental disorder shall we call it affects my college life. To start off with I want to make this point: some days it affects it tremendously and others not at all, but that is a result of the tumultuous nature of both of these disorders not just my college framework I am working in!

In college there are a few things that really get affected: class, social life (drinking is involved here) and finally overall outlook on life. Lets break those down shall we?

  1. Class (or school in general)

    College is a very stressful time because you are being challenged academically through four years of rigorous learning. At the University I attend it is fast paced with many different course taken throughout the year (more than most universities). My anxiety really comes into play here in a few ways: 1) starting a new class freaks me out. I get worked up about who will be in it, how will the professor act and will there be required attendance??? (because if yes HELP). I combat this with deep breaths and ripping the bandaid of the first day off because it gets betters. Finally 2) assignments. If I am having a particularly hard day it is nearly impossible to study or do homework. I suggest reaching out to your University to see what accommodations you can request to help support you. This has given me room to be anxious or depressed without letting my grades slip!

  2. Social life

    Helloooo anxiety. I don’t have much social anxiety, but when I am panicking, anxious or depressed the last thing I want to do is be around a bunch of people I don’t know at a bar or house party. This really took a toll on my social life but I figured out a HUGE secret this past year: bars and drinking are not the only way to be social! You can get coffee, have a study date, go out to meals etc etc. You don’t have to put yourself in situations you aren’t comfortable with because “thats what you do in college”, but I do encourage you to try new things on good days because you never know you may actually have fun at that random guy’s pregame!

  3. Outlook on life

    The closer I get to the end of my college time the more this comes into play. My least favorite question is “oh what are you doing after graduation” or the classic “what are you going to use that degree for”. Without anxiety and depression these can feel heavy enough, but when you don’t know when you are even going to take you're next breath they are impossible to think about! Here is my solution: find something to get excited about. Who cares if you don’t know what you are going to be doing a year from now or for life. Answer those questions with a simple “still in the works!” and bring you're mind to the next best thing on you're plate. This could be a concert coming up, a date, a fun activity anything to take the weight of the future off your shoulders because trust me you don’t need to carry that around!

I hope this helped you guys reading this! These tips don’t apply to just college, but considering the demographic of my readers it felt appropriate. I am sending you good vibes and positive thoughts today - YOU GOT THIS!


Making My Dorm Room "Home"

       When I was younger I always had a way of holding on to tons little unique knick-knacks. My room was full of one-of-a kind little details and that always made it feel like home. When I moved into a dorm room for college I found it strange to be sleeping where so many other people had before and to just have a little white box as my whole home. As soon as school started to pick up I started adding little details to my room to make it feel more like home. My favorites new items are from Ankit because 1) How sticken' funny and cute are these knick-knacks and 2) the price point is perfect! Everything I have shown below is less than $20! Thanks for adding to my home Ankit xoxo


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My College Morning Routine

     The first thing I realized when I came to college is that you are constantly on the go. From the moment I wake up my day is jam-packed. One thing that keeps me sane is eating a good breakfast before class. Right now that includes Born Sweet™ Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener on everything.

      The first thing I do when I wake up is roll over and start the machine to get my coffee brewing. I like my coffee with a tiny bit of milk and one packet of Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener. I then make myself a bowl of cereal and add another packet of Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener on top! I bring my coffee and cereal over to my desk where I do my hair and makeup while eating - multitasking at it’s best!


    After breakfast I quickly get dressed and head out the door to class. Even though I have little time in the morning I always remember my dad telling me a great day starts with a great breakfast, and I truly believe that. One of the reasons I love Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener is because it has Zero artificial ingredients and zero calories making it perfect for adding a delicious sweetness to so many of my favorite foods and drinks. And it doesn’t leave you with a funny artificial aftertaste which I really appreciate! It is the perfect start to my busy college days.

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Dorm Room Tour!

I have been waiting to film this for so long, and I am so excited to share my little space with you all! Please ignore the fact that I could possibly be dying of the plague (a cold) and some of my words are just not quite coming out as english! I hope you guys enjoy this video and subscribe to see more! Shop the items mentioned in the video below by just clicking on the name of the item! xoxo


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