Blue Eyeshadow Look for Brown Eyes

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Almay and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own

Hi guys! Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to College Fashion Week put on by Her Campus with Almay! They launched some amazing new products and I had so much fun playing with the Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadow Holographic in the shade Pegasus. I also played with the new Goddess Gloss™ in the shades Fairy and Halo! I hope you guys get a change to recreate this look! You can shop all the products mentioned here.

Step 1:

Since it is such a bold eye look I wanted to do my shadow before any face makeup. I started with an eye primer then took my Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadow Holographic in the shade Pegasus and patted it all over my lid. This shadow is extremely pigmented but also so easy to blend!

Take a fluffy brush and make sure to fluff it all out in the crease!

Step 2:

I applied foundation, concealer and some powder onto my face! Now I am ready to highlight and for this I am using the Instant Glow Highlighter Duo. I like the fact that it is a cream and liquid so I am apply it before and after setting powder! I blend it in with a brush!

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpg

Step 3:

Time to line and apply mascara! I used the e Almay Liquid  Eyeliner and the  Almay Multi-Benefit Mascara. Finally before applying mascara to my bottom lashes I add some more shadow with a small brush under my waterline! This really ties the whole look together.

Step 4:

After spraying some setting spray I am ready for lipgloss. Like I mentioned above I used the new Goddess Gloss™ in the shade Fairy and then topped it with Halo! And that is the final look

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How to (easily) Edit Instagrams Like a Pro


       I get a lot of questions from people about how I keep my Instagram feed to "perfect". The reality of that is it takes a lot of work and practice to figure out how to have cohesive images that create one theme on your feed. It also means there are a lot of fun images with friends and family that I don't always get to share in order to get my feed looking cohesive. I wanted to share how I would take a typical image and edit it to fit my bright feed and share some tips that hopefully you guys can use on your own! These aren't always the exact steps but you get a general idea of the apps I always use :) (ps. follow me here if you so desire)

1. Instagram

Because my feed is so white and bright my first step is always to crank up the brightness on my image. Call me crazy but the only app that I think does this without making my image a blurry mess is Instagram! You can see just how good of a job it does from taking my dark picture to something I would post. Honestly, you could stop here if you wanted but I of course take it further.

2. Facetune

Ok, don't freak out but I really do LOVE facetune. Not for the reasons you make think though. I use facetune for three main things 1) Detail which is what I did in this case. The detail took is perfect for eyes and hair to make them pop. If you look closely you can see the difference between our hair in the two images. 2) Whiten this is my secret weapon any creak or kinda-white wall gets a big hit of this tool! 3) Smooth often times iPhone images that are edited too much create a pixelated look and is not cute on things like arms and legs so I use the smooth tool it give them a nice finish! 

3. A Color Story

If I am putting a filter on my image this is the only app I trust. I find that putting this "lite bright" filter from A Color Story on my pictures is the best finishing touch. It also helps in the grand scheme of things to keep images looking cohesive on your feed. This app also has other great filter options for when you want to have a warm, cool or really any tone image. Easy to use and inexpensive upgrades!

And that's it! Not too crazy but it really works! Hope you guys got enjoyed this post xo


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How to Style A Double Buckle Belt

A photo posted by Emma (@emmawlker) on

The double buckle belt trend first became plausible as something I would try out when I saw Kendall Jenner strutting around in her fabulous one with a great pair of jeans. After that I knew I was sold on this western inspired look. I recently found one for under $20 from Boohoo and that was the final straw, this beauty had to be mine to wear with all my favorite skinny jeans and t-shirts. I recently Instagramed this look and knew I had to bring it to the blog, but if you aren't already follow me on Instagram (@emmawlker) to see my daily outfits and looks before they hit the site!

Belt // Jeans (under $20!) // Shirt (my fav) // Sunnies // Bag // Keychain // Flats (so so comfy)


Get Rid of Dark Under Eyes Overnight

Get rid of Dark Under Eyes Overnight on

        It's finals week and that means one thing: no sleep for me! This year I decided instead of looking like a zombie walking into take the test I was going to do something about my dark under eyes. BUT if you know me you know I am lazy (soooo very lazy) so I needed something that required minimal effort but amazing results..... cue VIIcode

       Their oxygen under eye pads have been saving my life (and others from my scary under eyes). Basically all you have to do is apply the gel pads after washing your face and go to sleep. YUP! - these pads work their magic continuously for up to 8 hours while you sleep which is unlike any other product like this. In the morning I wake up feeling hydrated and bright which is all I could ever ask for this finals week!

Thanks for saving me VIIcode! Get your own pads - here or save $5 on a box of three with the code: YBYSHE2Y

Get rid of Dark Under Eyes Overnight on
Get rid of Dark Under Eyes Overnight on


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