Ipsy Unbagging

       Ok so second try at uploading this! Something glitched out on me Sunday but..... I hope you had a great labor day weekend! Mine was a little stressful with three (yes three) trips to the Apple Store in Grand Central Station (my least favorite apple store) but it ended up being ok. Todayyy I now have my Ipsy Unbagging for the month of August! Let’s play a game - count how many times I say but in the video and then make fun of it with me (it will be fun I promise)

Hair Oil  // Eye Shadow Primer // Eye Liner // Lip Liner // Lipgloss



April Ipsy Unbagging

Another month another bag...
Quite honestly the best part of my month is getting that pink envelope in the mail, and I have been loving sharing it with you all. Today is a little different because I opened it up for the first time on camera instead of trying the products out and reviewing them for you all! Let me know which way you prefer...

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