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Life is such a ride. Somedays I feel so lucky and some days I feel so empty and I wish I was being dramatic. I have already hammered to death what all has happened in this past month but being on the other side of so much change is leaving me a bit speechless. I opened up this blogpost document just to get as much off my chest as I could - so here we go.

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Moving sucks. I mean the physical lifting boxing and packing sucks, but even more painful is the stomach sinking feeling I have even thinking about my “old” life in my old home and realizing how much that makes me feel. I am really sad lately. I miss Denver more than I thought I would and to be honest, Tulsa is not as perfect as I wanted it to be. The problem is it didn’t change - I just didn’t. I am still me and to think that I could have changed into someone else while driving across state lines is not realistic. I am working on finding a way to feel like me in my new home.

Meanwhile… I am also planning a wedding that is 11 months away…

but seems to require an email or decision almost daily. I am trying my hardest to keep Jon involved but at the end of the day I find myself saying yes or no or emailing my Mom begging her to decide or research for me. Fortunately we hired some kick ass planners (Table 6 Productions) and I am really so grateful for them. I never wanted a big or fussy wedding but try as I might I am still such a lover of weddings at heart and that was unrealistc. Either way I am really excited for it to all come together.


Marriage* is hard…

I guess the last thing is to expand on my recent IG post here. I mentioned that ‘marriage’ is hard and even though we aren’t married - moving in together, to a new place and being engaged - feels pretty close. I truly love Jon and wouldn’t change him or our relationship for the world but SHIT. This is hard work to always being putting us first while still trying to find our new places in the world. I am so hopeful though that we will grow together and not apart over the next many many years to come.

So that is the ramble, I hope you enjoyed learning the inner monologue of my Sunday (lol). I love talking to you guys about these things so message me on IG or here and we’ll talk!!

ALSO should I do a tutorial on these waves?? LMK!


Dallas Stay at the Adolphus Hotel


24 hours of luxury & history

A peek into our stay with the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas

We had the best time last weekend in Dallas. We were originally going for the Thomas Rhett concert since it is only a four hour drive from Tulsa, but the adopts reached out and we couldn’t believe our luck! We were able to stay in the most beautiful hotel that is SO full of history. According to our bartender (whom I loved) the hotel was built in 1912 and even contains a baby grand piano that was originally a twin but the other one went down with the titanic on the way to the hotel !! so crazy.

Current day though there is so much to see and do right in the hotel. They have an incredible rooftop pool, spa, restaurants, coffee and more. We had brunch at the City Hall restaurant and you all NEED to go to try the cinnamon roll French toast. Overall it was such a nice break and much needed for my mental health.

Oh! and did you see our buddy who came too - the hotel is pet friendly!!


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Life Update

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Hello my beautiful and wonderful blog readers! I am so sorry I have been MIA and am not even going to offer you an excuse - life just happened. As I write this I am sitting at my favorite coffee shop and fighting mad jet lag from our trip to Switzerland (not complaining though gimme that jet lag every week for a trip like that!). I have four days until I need to pack my bags again for Mexico and our “engagement-moon” or practice honey moon as I like to call it (totally making that a thing). I am so excited but wow life is starting to slow down and speed up simultaneously.

If you have been following me the past few months you may be annoyed at how much I discuss my upcoming move, but I do have some new followers and I do want to talk about it again - so bear (bare?) with me people! Tomorrow Jon is moving into my apartment making tonight my last single girl living in my own apartment night forever. Guys I just got CHILLS. That is crazy to me. I am so glad that I have lived alone the past two years and lived out of my house in an apartment for the past three. I feel like I am ready to move (literally) into this next challenge but I don’t think I will ever shake the feeling that this is surreal.

When we get back from Mexico I have such a short time with my friends and family left before we move to Tulsa for the foreseeable future. Very crazy. I don’t know if I just don't pay attention, but I don’t know many people who move somewhere for good - like unless something crazy happens and I mean never say never but Tulsa is my new home and the home of our family and our future family. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but that doesn’t mean my stomach isn’t churning with a mix of butterflies and pure nausea.

I have been hit with waves of anxiety/nostalgia that past 24 hours when I’m driving, in bed, in the middle of the night and just so randomly. Everything is starting to feel lighter and airier but not in a comforting way. I know that change is good but I also know that change is hard. The good news is this time, this change, isn’t alone. I have my two side kicks (Jon and Stella) going through the same thing and I have them at home everyday to look forward to.

I think right now I am shaken at the idea that I finally feel really confident in my mental health, very comfortable in my routine and beyond supported by the people in my life. I don’t want to give it up - mostly because the idea of having to build a new support system sounds daunting as hell. I hope it comes quick but I know that nothing will replace Rosie, Sophie, Tasha, my family and so many more. Those people are the real deal and if any of you are reading THANK YOU for helping me be a better me - I owe the past year of my favorite memories to you guys.

I guess that was a blip of random thoughts but it feels so good to be pounding it out on the keyboard, I hope to have another update in a year bragging about everything amazing that has come into my life but for now I am going to shed a tear in the bathroom of this coffee shop and then keep going. Signing off!


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Rejuvenation Retreat at the Oxford Hotel

Friday, June 21, 2019 to Sunday, June 23, 2019 you all will have the opportunity to get away, reconnect and enjoy the best weekend! Recently a group of influencers and our friends/partners were invited to try out the new programming to give our feedback, but most importantly escape and enjoy! Jon and I had the best time and wish it was a day longer so we are so jealous of everyone booking for this June! You can find all the information on the upcoming retreat here, but you can read about our 24 incredible hours below!


When we arrived we were greeted in our room with bee products grown by the chef at urban farmer and a book of our schedule for the next 24 hours! I added a little rundown for you all here:


First up was our life coach session! Sylvaine Hughson was so warm and created a wonderful environment. It was a great time for self reflection and I am so glad I had the chance to sit down and think through where I am at and where I want to go. After her session it was the perfect time for a massage & Jon to experience his first one! The Oxford club and spa is STUNNING! It was such a hidden gem to me.


Dinner was so fresh and yummy - Urban Farmer never disappoints! The chef was wonderful and each course was done to perfection. Seriously by the time it was over I was in the biggest food coma! I was so ready for yoga in the AM back at the Oxford Club and another delicious breakfast!


It was so hard to leave in the morning! Thank you to The Oxford Hotel, Sylvaine Hughson, The Urban Farmer and The Oxford Club and Spa for completely spoiling Jon and I!


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