Blue Eyeshadow Look for Brown Eyes

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Almay and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own

Hi guys! Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to College Fashion Week put on by Her Campus with Almay! They launched some amazing new products and I had so much fun playing with the Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadow Holographic in the shade Pegasus. I also played with the new Goddess Gloss™ in the shades Fairy and Halo! I hope you guys get a change to recreate this look! You can shop all the products mentioned here.

Step 1:

Since it is such a bold eye look I wanted to do my shadow before any face makeup. I started with an eye primer then took my Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadow Holographic in the shade Pegasus and patted it all over my lid. This shadow is extremely pigmented but also so easy to blend!

Take a fluffy brush and make sure to fluff it all out in the crease!

Step 2:

I applied foundation, concealer and some powder onto my face! Now I am ready to highlight and for this I am using the Instant Glow Highlighter Duo. I like the fact that it is a cream and liquid so I am apply it before and after setting powder! I blend it in with a brush!

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpg

Step 3:

Time to line and apply mascara! I used the e Almay Liquid  Eyeliner and the  Almay Multi-Benefit Mascara. Finally before applying mascara to my bottom lashes I add some more shadow with a small brush under my waterline! This really ties the whole look together.

Step 4:

After spraying some setting spray I am ready for lipgloss. Like I mentioned above I used the new Goddess Gloss™ in the shade Fairy and then topped it with Halo! And that is the final look

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How I cleared my Cystic Acne Quick

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Hi guys! I have two really exciting skincare posts coming up and I asked you all on Instagram what you wanted to see first and the vote was reallllly close, but this post won!

About three weeks ago I had my second round of cystic acne breakouts. I have no idea what caused them (maybe diet change?) but they were big and really painful! I was all over the internet searching what could cause them and how the hell to get rid of them and I found some things that worked and some things that really did NOT help! I hope this gives you guys a good starting place to help clear up some spots you may have as well!

What Worked:

So I had three main things that really did wonders for me:

  1. Facial at Mooi Studio: you guys have heard me talk about them a lot and it is because I find myself in there almost every single week! If you don’t live in Colorado I wanted to still give you a breakdown of what they did so you can ask you're skincare guru for something similar: Retinal Detox facial which helped fight bacteria on my face, a good clean up of any clogged pores with extraction, a light peel and a good three day face wash system which included pure Vitamin C serum and a light day moisturizer.

  2. African Black Soap: I bought mine from amazon here after a recommendation from a friend. This soap is great for treatment even after spots are gone and leave my face feel sooooo clean! I recommend getting something like this little face mitt so you don’t go through 100 washcloths every week since you want to use it with a cloth and not directly on your hands. - p.s. a 1lb block is PLENTY

  3. Skipping Makeup and Extra Jazz: I can’t stress this one enough. The only thing that touched my face for a week after my facial was Vitamin C serum (like this one), Black Soap and water. I truly think this helped everything get a breather and dry out when it needed to. I am not oily to begin with so resisting even moisturizer was hard for me but it really help my skin just detox!

PicMonkey Image-4.jpg

What Didn’t Work:

  1. Tee Tree Oil: For a few reasons here…. first I bought this one which if you just clicked on it you know it is ESSENTIAL OIL not a face oil - bad moment. But when I finally got the right one I felt like it was better for little spots and not Cystic Acne like I had. I don’t know this was recommended a lot but it did nothing for me.

  2. A spot treatment: Again my face was way past putting on a little spot treatment, but I will say when I have little breakouts this one is my go-to

  3. Hot Wash cloth: Actually made my spots HURT SO BAD. I could be sensitive but I know this is supposed to open pores and let me tell you mine were not having it.

  4. Freaking out: Ok silly I know but I had a serious meltdown moment and let me tell you guys stress causes a lot of these bad boys, so to the best of you're ability please…. go get a facial drink LOTS OF WATER sit back and let your face just have a moment.

PicMonkey Image-5.jpg

I hope you guys found this helpful! Next week I am going to be sharing my current skincare routine that I have been using since this episode and I am obsessed. It is perfect for keeping my skin under wraps and super moisturized. So stay tuned xo

Products Mentioned That Work:


Current Favorites


After a much needed break (did you catch that Instagram rant?) I am back with a new post for you guys sharing my current favorite makeup look and jewelry. I am no pro when it comes to makeup but all these products are so easy to use even my dog could apply my makeup for me (probably guys she is really freaking talented ;)) My jewelry is from Happiness Boutique and they were kind enough to send over the earrings and necklace (when I die for especially the price!)

I am going to have a post up eventually sharing what has been going on to cause my break but for now I want to keep this positive and happy so enjoy! (also my hair - not red just some pretty crazy filter action)

Shop my: Half Moon Necklace  and Earrings c/o Happiness Boutique


Foundation // Powder // Bronzer // Lipgloss // Blush // Highlighter // Macara // Waterproof Mascara // Setting Spray

I keep my makeup fresh and glow-y and the key to that is my highlighter and setting spray! Both are from Essence aka soooo affordable! I also love this blush because it is glow-y without being glittery. I also like to layer mascara the better than sex mascara is awesome for volume but too clumpy for me so I brush through it with my waterproof mascara (which makes it last longer too)



Essence Makeup: Swatches and Review

The other day a package showed up at my door from Essence Makeup to celebrate the launch of their new website! Instead of just sharing an Instagram shot with you guys I wanted to give you a good review of what I was sent and my overall views on the brand as I have received some product from them before.

First a little disclaimer: I am by no means a makeup expert in fact I suck at makeup. I look for a product that gets the job done easy and cheap (sorry I just can't justify $80 blush - I just can't). So this company caught my eye because it is SO affordable online and at Target and a few of their products are something I use daily! Now for my review:

I love extreme volume mascara ($4.99)

I am the girl who gets hooked on one mascara and I have a hard time straying from it so for me trying this out was a big task. My immediate thoughts were that the volume claim held up. My lashes were bold, but I was disappointed when an hour into the day I had black under my eyes. I gave it another try and layered my Covergirl waterproof mascara on top and it held up a little better! Overall it was worth the money but required a little doctoring.

Silky Touch Blush in Adorable ($2.99)

As I am typing this I am still in shock at the price of this product. I LOVE this blush - the silky touch claim followed through. It is soft and creamy but still a powder! It also just blends like a dream. This color is a little light for my skin tone but I can't wait to pick up another shade.

Liquid Ink Eyeliner ($2.99)

When I went to find the exact product I had received on their site/Target's site I couldn't which is leaving me a little confused (??) but I am guessing the product I linked it the same thing just different packaging. Like mascara, I am stuck on one liquid eyeliner pen that I have repurchased so many times. In the image below you can see this eyeliner is BLACK like it is seriously so pigmented. The problem I have with this product is it takes forever to dry down and if you aren't patient (like I am not) then it will probably smudge everywhere.

Longlasting Lipstick in Blush my Lips ($2.99)

This was the most disappointing product to me and I think it has to do with the fact that making a lipstick that 1) stays on and 2) is pigmented costs more than $2.99 (I know sometimes life just isn't fair). In the swatch, you can see this lipstick is pretty patchy and takes a lot of work to get on. Once I was wearing it the creamy formula just slid around too much for my liking - I need something that requires no touching up and this was not that.

Overall I love this brand and a lot of the products, but be weary because not every makeup product can be made affordable and still work as good as your high-end products! Have you guys tried Essence before?