New Years Letter + What is to Come

Thank you for visiting my site whether it is your first time or you have been on this journey with me for 5+ years thank you thank you! 2018 was quite a year of grow for me personally, professionally and in my relationship. Personally I took time for myself and committed to helping my mental health get back to the best it has been since my sophomore year of college - YAY! Professionally I didn't let the old obstacles of comparison and doubt hold me back. I worked with more brands than I could ever dream of (including Neutrogena, Dior, and many many more to notch DREAM brands). I made an income and I stayed true to myself which is something that I am proud of. While numbers are not everything mine did grow this second half of the year and for that I have you all to thank for!

On top of all of that I was able to end the year saying yes to the man of my absolute wildest dreams. The most caring, kind and incredible role model of a man, son, brother, and person that I get to spend forever with! So that leads me to…

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From me as a person? Well here are just a few highlights and I am sure there are going to be many many more exciting and noteworthy moments that I will get to share with you all!

  • I graduate college this year

  • I will start a full time career (hopefully ;))

  • I will be moving to the love of my life’s hometown and be able to call it home

  • WE (ah I love saying we) will be buying our first home together

  • I will be saying goodbye to my 16 year old self’s car

  • I will be enjoying my engagement and soaking in the time we have before we plan a wedding

But beyond my person milestones I have to look forward to this year I want to provide you all with something to have of you're own from this website this year so…

It is my goal to post twice a week on this blog - I hope that I will be posting more, but it is so important to me to remain consistent with my creative outlet. Whether 10 or 10,000 people read a post for me creating it is all I could ask for. That being said you can expect lots of fashion because that is where my heart lies but beyond outfit posts there will be engagement updates, mental health posts, beauty, favorites, photo diaries and more! I am going to be focusing on this blog this year despite “blogs being old news” because not only is this a place for you guys to come and browse, but it is MY FAVORITE spot on the internet.

Of course a lot of my business and life is now handled on Instagram and I have no plans to change how I post on there, but I do want to expand on those posts here on the blog. I am so excited for 2019 and I hope you guys are too! Also make sure you are are on email list to stay up to date! You can sign up here

Happy New Year with so so much love from Emma and With A City Dream XO


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