Fashion Week Diary

Hello you guys! Is it too late now to say sorry??? Because I AM SO SORRY it took me three weeks to get this post to you but I wanted it to be perfect and making this fun "diary" takes time, but I did it and I am so excited to share it with you all! Fashion Week is the best thing I choose to do for myself this year and I can't wait for many more! XO 


A Guide To: A Weekend in NYC

We made it through the week yayyyy!! Today I wanted to share with you a fun new post that I think I may turn into a series on my blog - "A Guide To". Currently I am going to college in New York and went into the city with my two sisters and mom last week. We did a lot of fun things that I had never done before and wanted to share a guide to - my weekend in the city!

Friday I unfortunately had classes, but as soon as they were done me and my roommate took a train into the city and walked to Red Door Spa. We had made appointments at the beginning of the school year for an hour body scrub/message for only $50! And it was soooooo good. I would highly recommend them and go back ASAP. That night I was exhausted after the week so I  just relaxed with my family.

Saturday we went shopping in Soho which is where one Brandy Melville is located (and which is also where all my money went). I love Soho because of the cobblestone streets and the amount of great stores right by each other. For lunch we went to Dos Caminos in the Meatpacking District which also has the cutest cobblestone streets. I was craving good Mexican and Dos Caminos hit the spot! Their guacemole was to die for! That night my mom bought us tickets for the NY Knicks game. We all went and had the best time... sporting events at Madison Square Garden can't be beat!

Sunday was my favorite day because I got to do a "tourist" thing I had never done in NYC before! We went and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and then ate lunch in Brooklyn. First of all the bridge is actually so cool and something I can't believe I waited this long to visit. Second Brooklyn itself is also amazing. The views right on the water can't be beat. We had lunch at The Bridges which was really good. After lunch we headed to Almondine Bakery for THE BEST maccaroons and treats!

I hope you guys like this new style of post and that I gave you some new places to try when you are in New York!