Sometimes my mind goes crazy. Who can help it? Sometimes I just want to scream from the top of a mountain all my worries, my sad thoughts, my happiness and things I just need to share. Well right now this blog is my mountain top and you all are in the village below. I have been so happy lately and I think I finally know why.... I gave up trying. Crazy right? Who would ever think the way I needed to fulfill myself was by actually doing nothing at all. But you heard right... it worked. I finally had time to relish in good memories when I forgot about the bad ones. I had time to read a good book instead of stressing about things I cannot control. Sounds simple and you know what guys? It really is and it is the best thing I have done. I finally take time for myself to remind myself to be happy and too focus on the positive in your life. Just some thoughts to leave you all with on this Wednesday. I know how grateful I am to cozy up with a book pull on my thick socks and just relax.

ps. Lately with all my free time (no longer spent pondering things I have no control over) I fell in love with reading again. Currently I am reading this book.


Pss my socks are from Free People and you can buy them here. My pajama shirt is old but you get get a similar style here and on my nails I am wearing this color