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Hey hey hey!! It is cheap or chic day! Fight off the Sunday scaries with some youtube down time - sit back relax and watch me rip some of these items to shreds because not everything can be chic!


Clarisonic Mia 2 + Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution Review

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own

Thanks to Her Campus + Clarisonic I was able to try out the Mia 2 and Deep Pore system just in time for the Holiday season (yes that is already upon us... yikes!) I decided that instead of just saying "love it" which I totally do, I would give you guys a more in-depth review. Since this is not a drugstore item and get be a little pricey I wanted to give you guys enough information to make you want to go out and get it or add it to your holiday lists! That being said let's dive in:


Mia 2: Overall I am so excited about this device. To give it a good go I used it for one week every night and I have to say my dry skin feels sooo smooth. From here on out I don't think I will use it every night but maybe everytime I wash my hair in the shower (every other night or so). The head on this brush is super gentle and the two speeds make it easy to fit most people. I prefer to use the lower speed because I do have slightly sensitive skin, but if you don't crank it up I bet the high speed works wonders!


Deep Pore Daily Cleanser: My Mia came in a box with a cleanser and a face mask and normally  I end up pushing products in sets aside and stick to my usual cleanser but this one has changed me. To be fair I do not have "problem" skin so mostly I need a cleanser to make sure my skin stays the way it is, but this one has left it the way it was but slightly better. My skin just feels calm and smooth after I use this. Also, it foams slightly which I always enjoy (for some reason it makes me think it is working better....??) As you can see from the image above it is a nice clear gel-ish consistency. Love this cleanser definitely repurchasing

Detoxifying Clay Mask: If there is one thing I love it is a good mask - this one is a damn good mask. It might sound crazy but when this is on my face I seriously feel like it is pulling out all the dirt and grime from my pores. That being said it is still very gentle. I used it twice last week like it was the BEST. I don't' know how much it actually did overall but my skin is looking awesome and a mini spa night was pretty great.

You can buy the Mia 2 here // the cleanser here // the mask here // Or the set here

*USE THE CODE  HERCAMPUS for 15% off through November 20th*


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Essence Makeup: Swatches and Review

The other day a package showed up at my door from Essence Makeup to celebrate the launch of their new website! Instead of just sharing an Instagram shot with you guys I wanted to give you a good review of what I was sent and my overall views on the brand as I have received some product from them before.

First a little disclaimer: I am by no means a makeup expert in fact I suck at makeup. I look for a product that gets the job done easy and cheap (sorry I just can't justify $80 blush - I just can't). So this company caught my eye because it is SO affordable online and at Target and a few of their products are something I use daily! Now for my review:

I love extreme volume mascara ($4.99)

I am the girl who gets hooked on one mascara and I have a hard time straying from it so for me trying this out was a big task. My immediate thoughts were that the volume claim held up. My lashes were bold, but I was disappointed when an hour into the day I had black under my eyes. I gave it another try and layered my Covergirl waterproof mascara on top and it held up a little better! Overall it was worth the money but required a little doctoring.

Silky Touch Blush in Adorable ($2.99)

As I am typing this I am still in shock at the price of this product. I LOVE this blush - the silky touch claim followed through. It is soft and creamy but still a powder! It also just blends like a dream. This color is a little light for my skin tone but I can't wait to pick up another shade.

Liquid Ink Eyeliner ($2.99)

When I went to find the exact product I had received on their site/Target's site I couldn't which is leaving me a little confused (??) but I am guessing the product I linked it the same thing just different packaging. Like mascara, I am stuck on one liquid eyeliner pen that I have repurchased so many times. In the image below you can see this eyeliner is BLACK like it is seriously so pigmented. The problem I have with this product is it takes forever to dry down and if you aren't patient (like I am not) then it will probably smudge everywhere.

Longlasting Lipstick in Blush my Lips ($2.99)

This was the most disappointing product to me and I think it has to do with the fact that making a lipstick that 1) stays on and 2) is pigmented costs more than $2.99 (I know sometimes life just isn't fair). In the swatch, you can see this lipstick is pretty patchy and takes a lot of work to get on. Once I was wearing it the creamy formula just slid around too much for my liking - I need something that requires no touching up and this was not that.

Overall I love this brand and a lot of the products, but be weary because not every makeup product can be made affordable and still work as good as your high-end products! Have you guys tried Essence before?


Function of Beauty - Review

My hair sucks - there I said it. I never know what to do with it and the only time it is "styled" is when I basically burn it to death with a hot tool (guilty). SO when Function of Beauty offered to send me a customized set of shampoo and conditioner that fit exactly what I wanted fixed with my hair I did a little happy dance. This is exactly what I needed - an expert helping me get what I want out of every single wash. I have been using my customized set for a few days and I wanted to share a review for those who might want to try it out too!


The biggest pro for me was the adorable bottles they came in. It actually says "Function of - Emma" on the bottle - how cute!! My other two pros were 1) the easy to use website guided me to get exactly what I wanted (test it out here) and 2) The scent I choose was delicious (cucumber mint). My hair profile is straight + dry and I can say it has been adding tons of moisture into my hair! It was delivered in no time in the cutest box. I will for sure continue to use these products!


The bottles are too big to travel with and while I wish I had my shit together I am not the type to go out and buy smaller ones and transfer it into. Also having straight hair I am not sure what a shampoo and conditioner can do for that. My hair still has a little wave when it drys despite it truly being "straight" (I blame this more on genetics than the product). 

Overall I am so happy I tried this out. The bottles alone are worth way more than what you pay and the product has been working well for me! Thanks Function of Beauty for saving my hair!



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