A Lesson in Rejection

How I Learned From Rejection

It happens to the best of us. When we least expect it and sometimes for unfair reasons and no reasons at all. My whole life has been teaching me a lesson in rejection whether it be from the boy I dated in high school or the modeling agent who told me I would never be tall enough at 13 – they all had one thing in common.

I have found that rejection says more about the person or group you cannot be apart of than you, yourself as the human that you are.

That was a hard lesson to learn and a hard thing to accept but this past, quarter when I did my outlook started to change. Being rejected stings. It hurt when a boy likes someone else more and it hurt when a group of girls are just plain mean,

but one thing never changed through those situations (ok, well a little but for the most part) … I stayed the same. Their rejection wasn’t because of my looks, or because I wasn’t nice enough or even because of this blog. Their rejection was because of something they deemed was more important whether it be another’ looks, some else’s personality or even jealousy (yikes, I know but stick with me).

I spent a long time when I was 13, my sophomore year of high school and this year trying to figure out what went wrong. Was I not good enough? I let my thoughts and anxiety spin and spin and live in a vicious circle which did nothing but confirm my biggest fear – no one actually wanted me.

Until one day I realized it walking to my car… This wasn’t about me. This had nothing to do with me at all. I constantly try to do the best I can – be nice, be friendly, be ambitious etc. etc. but just because my best wasn’t good enough for them doesn’t mean it can’t be good enough for me.

The point of this post is to sit here a few weeks after another sting and tell you something that I wish I could’ve saved a lot of tears, anxiety and sour patch kids over. If the next time you do the best you can – the best that you are proud of – and are rejected remember one thing: this says more about them than it does about you.

And with that I say I hope you all are having a wonderful week, month, year whatever it may be and that no matter what you are going through in life there is always a lesson to be learned.


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Winding Down

Winding down on www.withacitydream.com

        Hi guys! It has been such a long time since I have signed onto this account and just chatted with you all. My life has been so crazy lately, and I feel like I have finally stopped going non-stop and can just take a second to breathe! Starting in December I packed up my adorable dorm room in New York and said goodbye to the best friends I could ever ask for. If you asked me what was harder breaking up with my 16 year old "first love" or saying goodbye to those girls, they would win all the way. They gave me so much love and I truly miss them, but I knew that I needed to be home.

      I made the choice to head home to Colorado to try college closer to home for many reasons, but all of which I feel like have proven to be a good choice. My anxiety is way better managed here, my support system is here and I feel like this is just home-base. New York will always be my second home and have my heart, but for now this is where I am at and I am on the road to serious happiness. Some days are better than others, and then some like this week are stressful. It is easy to get lost and that stress and question yourself and choices you make, but one thing I want to remind you all is it is ok. Life goes through ups and downs no matter how hard you try to control it! The good news is we have tons of people to ride it out with. Heres to riding my roller coaster with you all this year! I love you tons xoxo

Winding Down on www.withacitydream.com


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Back To School + Office Depot and OfficeMax


       Feeling confident on the first day of class is really important to me. This year it is even more important as I enter into my first year of college. Let me tell you guys... I am a nervous wreck! But thanks to Office Depot and OfficeMax I have my school supplies checked off the list. Not only do I have all the supplies I need at great low prices, but I also have them in fun and fresh designs that fit a fashion lover like me. It was a one stop shop to get everything I needed and I love the selection this year at their stores.

     I have glammed this semester thanks to the Divoga® Gold Struck fashion collection. (I mean honestly fashion is in the name guys... how perfect!) I picked out their blue folder, camo print notebook, double sided pencil pouch and a composition book. I also did a little DIY to take this years school supplies one step further.

       One thing I have realized over the years is planners can be quite pricey. This year on a college budget I decided to take my adorable composition book and turn it into a planner. To do this you need: Washi tape, a colored sharpie, variety of mini sticky notes, and a composition book. I found all of these things at Office Depot and OfficeMax! I taped the sticky notes to the inside cover and labeled each one with the task I wanted it to represent! Then I wrote the week at the top of the page and then the dates along the side giving each day four lines of space (enough to fit the sticky note). Thats it! An easy DIY planner that is customized to your needs.

This post is sponsored by Office Depot, Inc. and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make With A City Dream possible!


Happiness + Me

           Recently an online shop called Happiness Boutique reached out to me to collaborate. I loved their jewelry (notice my necklace) but I also loved their name. It got me thinking about what really makes me happy? When someone asks us this we can easily give them a list of things we don't even really think about i.e. friends, family, my job etc but what really really makes someone happy? For me it has been the constant search to keep up with myself. Now I get that sounds a little crazy, but my mind is always spinning and ideas are flowing and that means what I want is always changing. This leads me on a wild goose chase to figure out what I want to do today, and the rest of my life, but it kind of makes me really happy. How lucky am I to have a life where I get to decide what to do and how to live it. That is exciting and while I am nervous for the future and decisions I have to make in the next few months, I am happy.

         Now as for the outfit, I was inspired by this graphic wall to wear blacks and greys with my statement necklace. (aka the cutest necklace known to man) Happiness Boutique offers free shipping as well so make sure to go check them out here.

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