Loving Right Now

1. This hair cleanser from Aveda

2. This book - my sister just gave it to me and I don't want to put it down 

3. Youtube (per usual) but just found The Sorry Girls and I love their moving videos!

4. This song (I will play it five time in a row with my windows down)

5. These plants from Home Depot (I've already scouted them out for my new place!)

6. This moisturizer for my face - such dry skin but this really helps! (lasts foreverrr)

7. Finally, this sale from Shein you see all the bloggers wearing their clothes lately and you can't beat their prices! I linked my favorites below! 


Using Right Now

Things I am using right now….

1. This face mask from Glam Glow. I put it on three times a week at night and wake up with BABY SOFT skin – pricey but so dang good

2. Speaking of baby soft…. This foot mask is both terrifying and satisfying. I have used it once before and loved it – so round two started tonight! Pray for cold weather so my peeling skin doesn’t fall out of my flip flops (too far? lol)

3. This foundation. I talked about it in my last video here but I still love it with a good tan.

4. Tan you say? I just got into this cool wet skin tanning lotion and it works SO well. I am pale but use medium to dark to get that good tan ;)

5. The Target website – this may be weird but I am gearing up for a move and it has me inspired to redecorate. I am obsessed with plants, plants and plants. My favorites? This, this and this.

6. Youtube to watch my favorite vloggers. I get so many people addicted to the teen parent vlogger train – it is fascinating. I love KKandBabyJ and OKBaby (strange but amazing)

7. Instagram – mostly for stalking these days but I did just hit 12k which was so cool! Thanks guys!

 That is a little summary of my most used things in my life right now! Enjoy the rest of your week xo.