The Dove Inn + My New Boots


A few weeks back Jon and I headed to Golden to stay at The Dove Inn. We were instantly surround by small town Hallmark Christmas magic - I swear I felt like I was in another world! Everything at the Inn was so lovely and cozy and Golden is defiantly a great stop in Colorado. It blows my mind how close it is to home yet it feels so magical and far away.

As far as the Inn goes we loved that everything was pretty much self service, but you were able to contact the owners at anytime. It was perfectly decorated they seriously thought of everything! We stay in the Parisian room and after seeing a live production of A Christmas Carol we turned on the free Netflix and fell asleep to the 80s version of the movie. MAGIC!

I also was able to break in my new boots from M Gemi! They are so comfy to my surprise and of course the quality is incredible! I wore them all night. Shop them here

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