Valentines Day Gift Guide (That She Really Wants)


Happy almost valentines day - whether you love it or hate it the day is almost upon us! I was inspired by my recent collaboration with Adore Me (not sponsored) to create a gift guide that I would actually love receiving - not the standard cheesy gifts that is so uncomfortable you can't stand it... So without further ado here are ten items I think any girl would love this V-Day! (take notes ladies and gentlemen ;))

1. The only item that is "basic" but yet so necessary. EVERY GIRL needs a good sleep set (in my opinion) you can also find amazing ones like this one from Target for not a lot of money - but you can also go ahead and splurge. Skip the slink silk we just want to be comfy!

2. Jon got me this for Christmas and I LOVEEEE IT. What a thoughtful gift for your girl or bff who lives in the bathtub (um me). This has a spot for your wineglass, phone and a stand for magazines and books - aka you can find me in the tub if you need me. Buy mine here

3. On the bath trend... who doesn't love a bath bomb! Let your loved one treat themselves at home with a spa night that doesn't need to break the bank or be crazy elaborate. (hint: this gift pairs great with #2) Buy the set I have my eye on here.

4. A flower - THAT DOESN'T DIE. Ok it eventually does but I would much rather have a single flower for a year than a bouquet of rose that wilt in a week (and they are the same price!).

5. On the flower trend... we all don't need flowers and if you are like me you really appreciate a good succulent. I think this is the perfect "on trend" gift this year + they last way longer than grocery store flowers and aren't very different in price. You can order this one online here.

6. Everyone needs a keychain and while this is "heart themed" it isn't cheesy AND It is customizable. Write you're loved ones name or a sweet message that they will see and use everyday. This one is on sale for $20 (w/ free customization) here.

7. I got Jon this star map for our anniversary and it was hard not to keep it for myself. They are so beautiful and don't even need a frame. You get to pick a location and day and have a printed out map of the star to keep forever - perfect for those galaxy or home decor lovers!

8. I love these shoes - again the heart says I love you but they are wearable year-round. PLUS they come in girl and guy styles so if you really want to go the extra mile this is a great couple matching opportunity! Find them here.

9. AN EXPERIENCE. Not everything has to be tangible! Some of my favorite gifts are memories. I just discovered AirBnB now has an experience tab where you can find things to do/gift in your city and they are crazy cool - everything from flying an airplane to taking a hike with a rescue pup! Find more info here.

10. Jewelry... such a classic BUT stay clear of valentine's marketed jewelry. Not everyone can pull off a pink heart year round. Keep it classy and timeless. Something like this pandora bracelet can be worn everyday!

I hope you guys found this helpful and got some new ideas for your loved ones! XO