10 Trends I Will Be Wearing This Summer

There are always trends every year and I understand that my style may not be everyone's style but I wanted to keep you guys up to date on 10 trends that I will be buying this summer! All of these are from Neiman Marcus Last Call which is a great place to score extreme discounts! Always be checking their site for extra sale on sale - this is one of my favorite place to get high quality shoes and dress. I also LOVE ASOS for cheap finds So without further ado here is my wish list:

1) One Strap Sandals

Conformable, cute and thousands online right now! I picked some that had a little more flair, but there are tons like the white ones I picked that are great for running errands or getting you too and from the gym.

2) Polka Dots

Something about dots are so sweet. I was so on the star trend and in my opinion this is next!

3) Woven Bags

The perfect summer staple. Whether you are going to the beach or are completely landlocked they are a great way to add texture to your look and they honestly don't break the bank!

4) Updated Florals

Not you're grandma's florals! I love the ruffle floral combo - so dreamy

5) Pastel Colors

Perfect for summer. This one was actually harder to shop for because searing "pastel" didn't really come up with much, but from these pieces I think you get the vibe I am going for! I love the look of pastel with denim!

6) Check Prints

This was one of my favorite to pick pieces out for. I think Gingham can be overdone but there are so many ways to get into this print that can actually be minimalistic (or not!) perfect for a fun summer night out in my opinion.

7) One Piece Swimsuits

For those butt squeezing tiny bottoms (still have some sorry mom) but I love that one pieces are trendy again! There are so many options online and so many different versions to tailor them to your style. Not your average speedo...

8) 80's Mom Jeans (Sorry guys)

I know this is probably the most controversial on this list but mom's from the 80's please back me up. There is nothing more comfortable than a 80's style denim. Usually they are high waisted which is perfect to tuck a blouse into or wear crop top if you are brave!

9) Sneakers

I wear them everyday. With everything. Bury me in them please.

10) RED

As you can see I love red/orange tons lately. It was actually hard picking out items in the top 9 categories that were not red because I am just so drawn to them. I know red isn't for everyone but summer is the perfect time to play with statement colors!


That is all! Do you guys want to see some trends I will NOT be buying?