Winter Essentials 2018

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My winter essentials are pretty basic and don't usually change from year to year so I thought I would share them with you all! I really want to know what you guys want to see more of from me this year so make sure to tell me on Instagram (@emmawlker)

1. A Good Read

For me this is usually some sort of "trashy" non-fiction book or the latest issue of vogue... two extremes I know haha. I actually just finished "psychos" and I loved it - I wish I read the first one in the series first! As for the magazine I found that if you get a yearly subscription you can actually save a lot of money - this is the one I signed up for here. (comes out. to a $1 a magazine!!)

2. A Really Yummy Candle

This one is my current favorite. I found it at Meek Vintage - a really cool spot in Denver, but I also found it on the world wide web here. There is nothing better than lighting up a candle at night and reading or even cooking - I just find it cozy and relaxing.

3. A Favorite Pair of Shoes

Luckily it hasn't snowed a lot yet in Colorado so I still get to wear my current favorite shoes. They are by Something Navy and Nordstrom and come in four colors! (AND ARE ON SALE!) Every Winter I almost give up on the options of fashion and stick to what I love - there is something about an overcast morning and waking up to pick out an outfit that just doesn't mix. 

4. Dainty Jewelry

For me this could be a year round essential but especially in the Winter when I am layering sweaters and jackets any bulky jewelry just doesn't cut it for me. I think my current "signature" jewelry is a gold choker and a few rings. My two favorite checkers are from Midori Linea and Forever 21 (this came in a pack and has actually held up really well!)


Last but not least my skin is SO DRY in the winter. I really rely on moisturizer to keep it alive. My favorite products right now are the in shower body lotion from Jergens (this is not sponsored I love this product!) because I am lazy and this is amazing and the coconut smells so yummy. I also love my glamglow mask - I put it on before bed a few nights a week and it is a lifesaver!

photo 2-min.jpeg

I hope you guys enjoyed this post - I love that I had an idea and I just did it I miss those days of blogging!